Stefan Goranov is a great drummer from Bulgaria living in The Netherlands. It was there where we met and he ask me to be part of his band one year ago. For me it was a big challenge because of the difficulty of the music, challenge that I took very motivated and  worked hard on it to make it sound as better as I can. With Jorge Castañeda on piano, Nacho de Frutos on guitar and myself on double bass, Stefan Goranov runs this project in a very good direction that it brings and it will bring very good moments.

New arrangements of Charlie Parker’s compositions

“In the 1980s Kenny Garrett said that if John Coltrane was alive he would be playing hip hop since hip hop is the music of “today”. This however was 35 years ago. The idea behind this project is to bring the “today” sound to the compositions of Charlie Parker. Polyrhythmic and polymetric textures rooted in traditional musics from Africa, Bulgaria and the Caribbean are characteristic for the sound of the band as well as the complex harmonic language of jazz greats such as Bud Powell and Woody Shaw” – Stefan Goranov –

Stefan Goranov (Drums)
Jorge Castañeda (Piano)
Darío Guibert (Bass)
Nacho de Frutos (Guitar)