The Machetazo is a collaboration of talented jazz musicians from Spain created in 2012. So far they have made their name well known among their audience wherever the go, receiving the praise from the public for their creative musicianship and original approach. The primary concept of their performance is to touch the sensitivity of the listener by intricate harmonies and rhythms, presented through the musicians point of view. The members of The Machetazo are Jorge Castañeda (piano), Darío Guibert (bass), Miel Urretagoiena (drums), Daniel Juárez (tenor sax) and Nacho de Frutos (guitar). The band plays jazz with a very strong emphasis on contemporary fresh material. Their original compositions are mixture of elaborate arrangements and a perfect place for exquisite improvised solos. Sensibility and spontaneity among the players, make each performance an enchanting, improvisational, exploration. The band energy is always high and each piece they play brims with the joy the players have and with the admiration they have for each other.

Jorge Castañeda (Piano)
Mikel Urretagoiena (Drums)
Daniel Juárez (Tenor Sax)
Darío Guibert (Bass)
Nacho de Frutos (Guitar)